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Arabo-Islamic philosophy

Current research :

¤ Avicenna East and West

• Avicenna: Ta'liqat - edition and study
• Avicenna Transformed:

- Tusi's Hall mushkilat al-Isharat - Critical edition and translation
- Commentaries on the Qasidat al-nafs
• Avicenna Latinus in the Renaissance: Study of the Renaissance translations of the Avicennan corpus by Andrea Alpago

¤ Body, soul, and beyond in Islamic philosophy 15th-17th c.

¤ Islamic Philosophy in the Safavid period

BA and MA courses at UCL >>> Here

Looking for conferences, seminars, and research projects on Arabic and Islamic philosophy beyond UCL? See What's up?

Wondering what happened to the Avicenna latinus?
Here is a link to the Project description on the Académie royale de Belgique website.