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BA and MA courses

Members of the Centre De Wulf–Mansion are responsible for courses at BA and MA-level in ancient, medieval, and arabo-Islamic philosophy.

FILO1280: History of philosophy 1: History of ancient philosophy
FILO1281: History of philosophy 2: History of medieval Philosophy
FILO1282: History of philosophy 3: History of Arabic Philosophy
FILO2140: Questions in ancient and medieval philosophy
FILO2300: Questions in Arabic and Islamic thought
First class: Feb. 3, 2011 16:30 (SOCR 20)

PhD seminar and Research seminars of the CDWM

PhD seminar 2010-2011 of the Ecole doctorale en philosophie (LISP3100):
What is up to us? Responsibility and causality in Aristotle's ethics.
Two-day workshop on Aristotle's theory of responsility, Feb. 24-25, 2011 (UCL/KUL).

Research seminar:
Giovanni Pico della Mirandola's De Ente et Uno (Jonathan Molinari) -- Feb.-March 2011: Programme provisoire (in French).

Topics of seminars 2001-2009

Ps.-Dionysius' Divine names I: Robert Grosseteste's commentary (PhD seminar 2009-2010, FILO3100)
Ps.-Dionysius' Divine names II: Arabic version (PhD seminar 2009-2010, FILO3100)
Ethics and aesthetics in the Middle Ages (2006-2007)
Medieval conceptions of the State (2005-2006)
Literature and philosophy in Plato: from Ion to The Laws (2005-2006)
Light, vision, gaze in the Middle Ages (2004-2005)
Aristotle's ethics as ground of eudaimonism (2004-2005)
How to say "soul": soul's vocabulary (2003-2004)
Gundisalvi's De Anima (2002-2003)
The status of Christ's body during the three days between death and resurrection(2001-2002)